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  • Suffocates fire

  • High temperature resistance (1000 °C) with temperature peaks above 1300 °C 

  • Immediate control of the fire in the event of battery fires (protected)

  • Simple and intuitive handling (protected)

  • Immediately suppresses spreading of smoke

  • Environmentally friendly and saving of resources

  • Extremely high tear and fire-resistant 

Can be used in many ways

For forklift, car, motorcycle, e-bike, pallet or kitchen fires

The improved VLITEX fire blanket version can be used universally, whether for pallets, forklifts, cars, or kitchen fires.  It is now also suitable for battery fires! Once a battery burns, it is difficult to extinguish it. Among the solutions, there is still the option of controlling a battery fire with plenty of water. With the new VLITEX fire blankets, you have THE solution. The fire blanket is placed over the battery fire, suffocates, or delays the fire and increases the time for action. The fire is prevented from spreading to surrounding objects. Burning off takes place in a controlled manner at a reduced room temperature and minimal smoke development.

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • temperature and weather resistant

  • Maintenance free

  • Multiple usage

VLITEX Fire Blanket


The VLITEX Fire Blanket PREMIUM 6×8 – M/S can simply be transported with the VLITEX backpack to the scene of fire. After the blanket was placed over the burning car, the fire is usually extinguished after few minutes. The VLITEX blanket was specially developed for battery fires. There is no need for much water – to cool down the burning batteries. The high temperatures of the fire are remaining under the blanket, the battery fire is immediately under control. The fire can’t spread and the smoke is captured under the blanket. There is no contamination of the environment anymore, as would have been the case with conventional fire extinguishers.

VLITEX Fire Blanket


Different kinds of fires like pallets, pallet cages, forklifts, etc. are being extinguished by the VLITEX Fire Blanket. The blankets are individualized and big enough to place them over the burning object out of a safe distance. With conventional fire extinguishers, the environment is been contaminated. The ambient temperature is not significantly increasing. There is no maintenance needed for the VLITEX Fire Blankets.

VLITEX Fire Blanket

Towing Service

It is been recommended to use individualized VLITEX Fire Blanket solution for the transportation of crashed hybrid or electric vehicles. This application was developed together with renowned towing service patnerns. Toxic chemicals are caught from the blanket and cannot escape. The fire remains under the blanket.

VLITEX Fire box

E Bike battery box

The VLITEX E bike battery box protects against spreading of fire to surrounding objects. While charging the battery should always remain in the E bike battery box. While transporting or storing the battery should remain in the battery box, as well. The box serves also as effective heat protection, smoke protection and it prevents the leaking of chemicals.

VLITEX Fire Blanket

Welding or grinding operations

VLITEX Heat-Protection Blankets are securing objects and/or persons. They are available in different materials of different heat-resistant levels, between 550°C and 1000°C.

VLITEX Individualized sizes

VLITEX Fire Blankets are being used for further applications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries.