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As sales professionals in international construction material markets (e.g. specialty paints and wallcoverings), our passion is to support companies in finding the right distribution partners and to grow their business.

Our core belief is that there is no such thing as no market, there is only the right way to reach customers, both in professional and end user market.

Long years of working in multinationals, our team consists of people who experienced foreign markets and customers and know how to operate with them.




the revolution in facade solutions. Long lasting protection against algae. Superior protection of the building structure.



Innovative Technical Textiles & Wallcoverings.




the home FEEL paint. FEEL the difference and start living in a comfortable safe interior climate


Friedhelm Schwender CEO
The German based founder and CEO of the young company.

Graduated at the University in Munich in Business and Administration, he made his first practical experience in industry of high performance lubricants within sales and marketing. Technically oriented from the very beginning, he moved after 10 years to take over sales and marketing responsibility for a medium sized enterprise.

Based on success on the latter position, he became managing director in a company for decorative and technical fabrics. Here he succeeded in increasing export business dramatically and lead the company to Nr. 1 in its market. After nearly 20 years of success in the field of technical based and specialized products, mainly for the construction material supply chain, he decided to use this experience for his own business.

Jonas Schwender Business Development Executive
Jonas is born in Munich/Germany and is responsible for the development of the strategic business units. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Engineering and a degree in the field of technical textiles (Master of Science).

He started his career at the Technical University of Chemnitz as a laboratory worker. At an international operating technical-textile company he led the project of developing an application-specific textile structure. In the following employment at an international corporation, he consolidated his skills as a team leader and project leader for product developments and process improvements.

Jonas has great foundations in technical textile applications. With his creativity and entrepreneurial mindset, he sees himself working as a business development executive.


Founded in Bayreuth, Germany in 2015, the idea to establish a company was triggered by a unique interior paint, which was only known in a relatively small area in Germany, while the potential for its’ sale was worldwide. Although it often takes time to decide on HOW TO, Mr. Schwender managed to launch the sale campaign first in the Polish market, and step by step engaged persons who would try to see further than the borders of Europe.

This product created a concept, which gave birth to Schwender GmbH –
export management professionals.


The goal is clear  – create more sales.

  • Get to know the product

    We take pride in analysing the product inside out, understanding its composition, characteristics, different applications, competitive environment and think-out all different users to whom such product could appeal.

  • Analyse markets

    Going international often appears as a costly investment, and the fear of unknown culture and customer could discourage any strong company.

  • Detect the right partners in distribution

    We try to overcome this fear, by taking this part of the business development – research and distributor selection, on our shoulder and ensure that the producing company bears little risk of unreturned investment.

  • Adapt the communication and marketing

    Throughout the course of life, and if we pay attention, one comes across hundreds of products that were launched to meet a certain need or on a small scale, and with the right type of communication and distribution channels, met huge success.

  • Start sales

    Most importantly, we don’t limit ourselves to “how things are done today”.


Schwender GmbH

Rehleite 2
95445 Bayreuth
Email: info@schwender-gmbh.com
Phone : +49 921 / 16 86 71 41




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